Sausage Festival 2001 Photo Album

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The grill was ready...

The sausages ran on schedule...

And they kept on cooking.

Prita cooked vegetarian sausage...

with help from Sridhar.

Will Juggle for Food!

Great day for flags!

Great day for kids!

Even really small ones...

The piñata awaits...

Piñata boot camp

Candy seekers

Building an Ocean Adventure

Master of the Plates


How does this work?

A great cast

Unhooking the catch

Determined angler


Fantasy sausages on the grill

Sausage Toss

The classic stance

Always follow through...

America's Favorite Game

Here's the windup...

This catcher never signals...

Seventh inning


Four winners

I'll quit my day job...

...and join the circus!

Dotted rest