July 14th, 1:00pm to 6:00pm

Food, Music, Carnival and Circus for kids, and FUN!

Bring your acoustic instruments and join in the Old-time and Bluegrass jams.

Appearing for the very first time in Maine!

The Incredible Sausage Carnival!

Featuring a cavalcade of thrilling games of skill and chance!

Knock over the milk bottles
with a well-aimed pitch!

World Series Baseball
Strike out the batter
for Major-League fun!

Everyone a winner!

Sausage Toss
Feed your favorite sausages
to your hosts!

Ocean Adventure
Fish for prizes in a work of art!

Tournament Golf
Can you get a hole in one?

Kids 12 and under can step right up to win their choice of valuable prizes from a cornocopia overflowing with all manner of items to delight the eye and engage the imagination!