Sausage Carnival

Lobster Races

Maine's fastest turbo-charged, fuel-injected crustaceans will tear up the track for the Victory Cup. Kids 12 and under can join the teams of these top racers:

--> Rusty Stockpot
--> Red Hardback
--> Rocky Dweller
--> Shelly Craw
--> Drew Butter
--> Whitey Zinfandel

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speedy crustacean

Carnival Games

The Incredible Sausage Carnival will feature a cavalcade of thrilling games of skill and chance. Kids 12 and under can play for a chance to win their choice of prizes from a cornucopia of all manner of diverse items to delight the eye and engage the imagination!

This year's games include:

--> Pluck-A-Duck
--> Ocean Adventure
--> Parrot Jungle
--> Destination Moon
--> Sausage Toss

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Sausage Toss

Meet the Carnival Makers!

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