Bring your friends, favorite drinks, potluck dish, lawn chairs or blankets, and skeeter repellant.

You may also bring your bicycle, swimming trunks or hiking shoes and go for a trip or a dip in Acadia National Park, then stop in for a few sausages and some cold drinks.

The 2006 Sausage Festival is set to go! There are new varieties of sausage and ice cream to to try, and the usual fun to be had. Same location as the 2004 festival (check your invitation).

The Sausage Festival is an invitation-only event for friends of the organizers.



Jammin' Join the Old-time, Celtic and Bluegrass jam sessions!
Bring your banjos, fiddles, guitars, accordions, mandolins, pianos, organs, dulcimers, button boxes, tin whistles . . .

For Kids

Arts, crafts and room to frolic.