Sausage Festival 2002

Saturday, July 13, 2002

Thanks to all for coming!

Food . . . Music . . . Carnival . . . FUN!

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 F O O D
The Schedule: What's on the Grill and When

Over 100 pounds of sausage are ready!

See our happy sausage makers at work!

Homemade Ice Creams and Salsas!

 M U S I C
Bring your banjos, fiddles, guitars, accordions, mandolins, pianos, dulcimers, button boxes, tin whistles, etc., and join the Old-time, Celtic and Bluegrass music jam sessions!

 C A R N I V A L
2 - 4 PM  
Lobster Races and Carnival Games for Kids!

Lobster Race Results and News

Meet the Carnival Makers

 F U N
Bring your bicycle, swimming trunks or hiking shoes and go for a trip or a dip in Acadia National Park, then stop in for a few sausages and some cold drinks during the day.

Also bring: friends, drinks, musical instruments, potluck dish (optional--there'll be plenty of food).

Learn about Cell Reproduction and Sausage

Re-live Last Year's Festival

The Sausage Festival is an invitation-only event for friends of the organizers.

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